About Us



The mission of the Wabash County Solid Waste Management District is to support and advance environmental initiatives that lead to cost-effective integrated solid waste management strategies in Wabash County, emphasizing waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.


  • Ms. Jen Rankin, Executive Director
  • Ms. Amanda Long, Materials Handler and Front Office Support
  • Ms. Cindy Stanley, Administrative Assistant
  • Mr. Robb Lovellette, Materials Handler

Other Parties: Mr. Ken Ahlfeld, Controller
Mr. Doug Lehman, Legal Counsel

Board Members

  • Mr. Brian Haupert,  County Commissioner – President
  • Mr. Tom Dale, Representative from North Manchester Town Council – Vice President
  • Mr. Barry Eppley, County Commissioner – Secretary
  • Mr. Scott Long, Mayor, City of Wabash
  • Mr. Mitch Figert, Representative from Wabash City Council
  • Mr. Barry Eppley, Wabash County Commissioner
  • Mr. Matt Dillon, Representative from Wabash County Council
  • Mr. Scott Givens, County Commissioner